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Logo, které zaujme klienty ve věku 16-25 let. Jazyková příprava na studium na zahraničních vysokých školách.

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    7 komentářů

  1. Klient
    05.11.2014 22:41 Martin Campus Europe:

    Thank you everyone. The three finalists have been selected by my business associates. Some of my personal favourites (which I think are outstanding efforts) did not make the final three. I will certainly communicate further with many of the talented designers who have offered suggestions. The quality of submissions was incredible.

  2. Klient
    05.11.2014 07:28 Martin Campus Europe:

    Thank you all for your amazing efforts. The quality of submissions was greater than my expectation. I will now take a day or two (in cooperation with my business partners) to decide which designs to continue with. The decision will be a difficult one as I am great impressed by very many different ideas.

  3. Klient
    30.10.2014 20:47 Martin Campus Europe:

    There are a couple of designs that have really stirred interest. I was hoping that I'd get some fresher ideas (and that more of the work could be develop after my comments.) So far only one designer has really made an effort to incorporate the feedback that was provided. For the any others, there are 6 days remaining and I'd welcome designs that might be influenced by some of the following ideas...... http://www.clintonbookshop.com/files/clinton/spiritual_symbol.jpg http://image.shutterstock.com/display_pic_with_logo/540784/540784,1295333796,8/stock-photo-head-brain-asia-orient-business-man-economist-investor-stock-marketsblue-earth-globe-isolated-on-69220588.jpg http://www.schoolofhardrocks.org/images/460_Brain-Net.jpg There are already two submissions that I like very much, but I'd welcome something new. I'm also open to your ideas if they fit with an audience aged 15 - 25 years. All the best, Martin

  4. Klient
    26.10.2014 18:09 Martin Campus Europe:

    #12518 - I am greatly impressed by this design (especially the font of choice), but I do not think it is what I need for my target audience.

  5. Klient
    26.10.2014 18:06 Martin Campus Europe:

    #12541 please take the sigma from the neck and move it outside of the head. Perhaps a large sigma on the left of the head and (if you imagine a clock) a curving 'Global Learning Services' from 7 on the clock to around 2 on the clock.

  6. Klient
    26.10.2014 18:02 Martin Campus Europe:

    #12532 - Nice work! Would it be possible to have the head with a more 3-D effect? Perhaps not such a 2-D profile. Also, wrapping the name around the image would be interesting. I'm not really fussed with the use of the omega symbol (but I liked your originality.)

  7. Klient
    26.10.2014 17:58 Martin Campus Europe:

    I will write in English first, and attempt to translate if required. #12523......I really like this idea. Please consider some small adjustments. 1. A slightly lighter shade of green 2. Please be inspired by this image http://etc-mysitemyway.s3.amazonaws.com/icons/legacy-previews/icons/glossy-black-3d-buttons-icons-business/080328-glossy-black-3d-button-icon-business-lock2.png (but perhaps with an open lock) I think the black circle is a bit too dominant. 3. Perhaps you could wrap the name Global Learning Services around the image in a manner to counter-balance the globe stand.

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